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b&b valmontone

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b&b valmontone

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        b&b Lanterna Magica

a valmontone

             b&b valmontone

Oggi parliamo di b&b  a Valmontone e vogliamo con piacere segnalare la Lanterna magica un affittacamere con trattamento di bed and breakfast; una struttura veramente accogliente  per tutti coloro che vogliono dormire a Valmontone soggiornando a soli 3 km dal parco Rainbow Magicland e a meno di 20 minuti di auto da Roma.

Si tratta di una struttura nuova costruita nel 2008 e arredata nel 2011 ideata e arredata per creare un’atmosfera romantica per le coppie e un luogo ideale fiabesco per le famiglie con bambini che possono sia usufruire del B&b come base per il parco Rainbow Magicland o il vicino Outlet, sia per visitare anche altri parchi divertimento in zona come lo Zoomarine ( 45 minuti di auto) o Cinecittà world ( 45 minuti di auto) oppure il Bioparco di Roma ( 40 minuti di auto) o il Luneur e prossimamente il Sea Life a Roma Eur.

Inoltre le loro promozioni e offerte continue prevedono forti sconti sui biglietti di ingresso al parco Rainbow Magicland  che arrivano fino al 40% di abbattimento sul prezzo del biglietto.

Ma non è tutto! Per la gioia dei bambini che si recano al parco Rainbow Magicland è possibile anche prenotare  un servizio Mascotte che sarà possibile prenotare. Si tratta di Harf un cane bracco italiano, simpaticissima mascotte dormigliona e sonnacchiona che si farà fotografare con i bambini e potrà anche fare colazione con loro. Che dire un vero paradiso terrestre per i bambini più piccoli.

Soggiornando alla Lanterna Magica sarete a due passi dalla Capitale Roma e avrete più occasioni per passare del tempo divertendovi e in pieno relax con la vostra famiglia.

Il B&B è raggiungibile in meno di 20 minuti attraverso l’Autostrada A1 uscita Valmontone oppure è possibile raggiungerla con la Ferrovia Valmontone Roma ( da FS Valmontone Centrale a Roma Termini).

dove si trova: Valmontone

indirizzo: Via Mario Piacentini n. 8


b&b valmontone

b&b valmontone

b&b valmontone

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foreign investment in Italy : anytime fitness is just the right privileged sectors for investing.

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Anytime fitness in Italy, every club opened 24 hours seven days a week for personal health and to meet people

 Foreign investment in Italy : anytime fitness is just the right privileged sectors for investing.

Up your hand who never said “I do not have time to go to the gym” is the phrase that I often hear also say to many of my colleagues or friends. Each of us easily finds an excuse to avoid having to practice a regular physical activity.

Before heard of Anytime Fitness,i had to save out a space at lunchtime to go to the gym. It is not only my laziness but often reflects the reality of a daily life full of work commitments, duties, tasks. It often happened to me that some of my clients ask to me for lunchtime meeting; nice thin but .. what about my gym time? Now with Anytime fitness I have solved my problems and I go to the gym anytime I want. Probably the same thing happens to a mother with his kids , or a person forced to make long journeys in the car to go to work and that “wastes” a lot of time in traffic. There are many “dead moments ” in our lives, “empty” times, in which is a natural desire to talk with someone and to get a bit of news or special excitement in our life and the routine of what we normally do. In Italy it is not an habit going to the gym at night. Because the nightly opening of shops has never been encouraged and has only been held for a few years. Anytime fitness is the first chain of gyms that has brought this innovative possibility, combined with virtual workouts that allow you to train even at night. Cause the internet rules , the opportunities for socializing have been greatly reduced, as has the selection of people. You go to the disco but with the noise and the atmosphere socializing is not always easy, even other places do not give better results. Choosing anAnytime Fitness club balances everything because you have the opportunity to meet people of all ages, all social heritage and that very often live in the neighborhood. Getting to know each other is very easy, especially because for Italian people cause its very hot nature and ready to talk finds many opportunities to get to know other people also using the help of the p.t. who help them both for training and to meet new people.

Even for boys (or girls) it is easier to socialize. The gym is frequented by all the categories of girls you will find also outside; the most expansive one, the precious one , the one that does not talk to anyone, who have a boyfriend and so on. . But in the gym you have an advantage because it is a precious opportunity to interact with them without the pressure of a direct approach made by a totally unknown of the person because in the gym there are always good excuses to interact one to one.

And now, you being able to count on a gym like Anytime Fitness that means having a place that 24 hours a day, seven days a week allows you to come. For this reason, if during the day you do not find the time and you live daily stress, in the evening and at night forget about stress and other things and you can train, have a nice relaxing shower, maybe organize a virtual training together each time different and exciting and then go out and get a drink out with old or new friends. This period in which lot of people are living a single life, being able to find a way to live a life of wellness and socialization necessarily passes to an Anytime Fitness gyms. We need to live a healthier lifestyle and communicate more with others and avoid isolating ourselves in our daily stress. Time goes on and often we are forced thinking “could have been”. We are the sole directors of our lives.

The main goal of Anytime Fitness activities is to provide high quality, modern fitness services at affordable prices. Access is made democratic and right for everyone – nothing superfluous, only sports, only those services that are needed, without imposing additional payments and “hidden” costs to have available to all the best quality fitness and Anytime fitness is working to make sports and health services more accessible to people active throughout Italy. The optimal relationship between price and quality of services is the priority direction of network development.

Anytime Fitness’s purpose is to ensure that every day more and more people with different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations and income levels have the opportunity to improve their appearance, their health and their daily lives.

Anytime Fitness is a guarantee but also a constant commitment and a social responsibility to ensure activities with physical training that is the foundation of everyone’s well-being. The company implements programs to provide fitness services for retired people, workers, mothers and people of all ages and also the socialization of people especially in the neighborhood that allows you to get to know each other and train together by developing the activity


ask for a free consultation at n. 333.3216400 or request more info here

  • Safe Investment

  •   An average ROI of more than 30%

  •   Two and a half years to achieve the return on investment;

  •   Availability of financing;

  •   360 ° support in all stages of construction

3 year winning 

Top Global Franchise

in Entrepreneur Magazine ranking of Anytime Fitness is the fastest growing franchise in the world with the opening on average of two gyms a day.
The ambitious prize is granted on an annual basis to the best franchise according to some important criteria: financial soundness and stability over time, growth rate and system size.

Licenses are not unlimited: In some countries such as Australia and the United States they are closing and it is no longer possible to invest. Hurry up to not lose the most profitable area in your favorite city. Anytime Fitness is the franchise preferred by many foreign investors who wish to invest in Italy